Insomnia & Astronauts

I don’t know about you, my dear readers, but, from time to time, the gringa has some very nasty bouts of insomnia. Whether it’s my hormones, my epilepsy, the caveman’s snoring or the business of my crazily creative mind, it matters not. All that matters is that when it happens I am miserable the next day. Perhaps I’m more like an astronaut than I realize. It seems that sleep deprivation is a standard side effect of microgravity.

Poor, little astronauts, like the poor, little gringa, suffer disruptions of their circadian rhythms (fancy word for biological clock). What are astronauts and astronaut hopefuls to do? Why the heck does this happen? Can it be stopped?

The biological clock of Earthlings is synchronized to a 24 hour cycle. The orbiting astronaut gets a clock reset every 45 minutes. That’s how often they experience a sunrise or sunset. Can you imagine the horror? The gringa would make an incredibly grumpy astronaut. But, then again, maybe not, not if I’m taking some good meds. The astronauts do. They have to use sleep-promoting medication (techno-speak for sleeping pills).

When the gringa breaks down and takes a sleeping pill (usually at the urging of the caveman, or the ninos, who beg me to get a good night’s sleep so I will not be a possessed, crazy person), I often wake up the next day and feel like I have a brain wrapped in gauze. I can’t think straight. My energy level is flat. I eye you suspiciously as you carry on an intelligent conversation. I pad back and forth to the kitchen for coffee refills. I pout because my old, cheerful, trouble-making self has retreated to the very dark recesses of my drug-fogged mind. How in the heck do the astronauts manage a dangerous spacewalk and intricate equipment repair under the influence? The gringa is baffled.

This is a very delicate health and security situation that NASA studies like mad. A recent study gathered data on over twenty astronauts for a period spanning over eight years. Scientists studied astronauts sleep patterns beginning with eleven days before launch and the sleep logs maintained during missions which recorded sleep medication usage and sleep quality. Astronauts who participated wore monitors that also collected data about their wakefulness: how often they woke when sleeping, how long they remained awake, and why they were awakened.

Some of the things the study determined affected sleep quality:

  • Rapid schedule changes (the gringa likes a rut so, yes, I agree)
  • Exposure to natural light during sleep cycle (yes, the gringa and her caveman prefer to sleep in a cave)
  • Exposure to unnatural light (yes, the gringa often resists her body’s signals to go to sleep because she has just GOT to win that last darn hand of Spider Solitaire)

On average, astronauts sleep about six hours per night when aboard the ISS (good grief, IF ONLY! Six hours? The gringa would die for such a nightly average!). One interesting finding was that sleep patterns were also affected by where the launch originates from. When launching from Kazakhstan, astronauts slept better than when launched from Florida. The gringa ponders the possibility of going away parties involving copious amounts of Russian vodka? Hmmm, maybe the gringa should recreate a Russian tundra scene in the boudoir. Wonder how the caveman would like it?

It seems that NASA has probably spent millions to discover things the gringa could have told them (big sigh, why am I NOT an astronaut, yet?). So, it seems that apart from maintaining my no-drama rut, the gringa needs to focus on exposure to lighting for the best case scenario for a good night’s sleep. This is actually very important because the caveman works the night shift. Our sleep cycle is from around 4am until about noon. We are very sexy sleepers, the caveman with his snore strip across his nose, looking like a prize-fighter, and me with my supersonic, hot pink earplugs poking out my ears, looking like some freakishly hip female Frankenstein.

The window will surely be our death in case of fire. The blinds are always down, then there’s a layer of those hideous light blocking curtains covered up with a gorgeous and colorful hand-made quilt from my auntie. Yes, no escape there in case of fire. But, it does make it the perfect, pitch black cave for the gringa and her caveman. And the rule in our house is that there are no computers or televisions allowed in the bedroom.

It seems I have all the bases covered where lighting is concerned. Why the heck do I still get insomnia? It can only be one thing. The problem is all in my head. Yes, literally in my head. In my busy, can’t stop thinking, must be creating, little head. Perhaps a lobotomy? Methinks not. I’ll stick with the hot toddies, all alone, curled up on the couch, pouting while the caveman is enjoying the bliss of REMs. Maybe I’ll step out on the patio and shake my little fist at the stars, toward the astronauts I am so envious of who are probably enjoying their darn six hour average snooze.

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Allow Me To Introduce You To JAXA

Who is JAXA? JAXA is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and they have been very busy. In 2010 JAXA was disappointed when their orbiter “Akatsuki”, which, in  English, means “dawn”, failed in its mission to orbit Venus. However, JAXA is not one to give up. The agency kept at it for five years and finally, in December, accomplished its mission.

Now that Akatsuki is orbiting Venus its cameras are transmitting a steady stream of images. One orbit cycle takes about thirteen and one-half Earth days. JAXA is tweaking its orbit path to eventually get its orbit cycle to nine Earth days. That will result in Akatsuki being closer to Venus which will improve the clarity of the images it sends back to JAXA.

Venus is a hot, volcanic planet that is about the same size as Earth. And, when I say hot, the gringa means hot enough to melt lead. Akatsuki will gather data on the weather and atmosphere of this steamy planet. Scientists are interested in the volcanoes.

JAXA operates all missions with the purpose to help create a safe society that can utilize space. The agency seeks to be a leader in technology and have technology used wisely for the benefit of society. The Japanese believe that as humans evolve, happiness should increase. JAXA is inspired to overcome the difficulties facing mankind. They intend to act responsibly to meet the expectations society has for the work the Agency performs. The slogan JAXA operates under is “Explore to Realize”.

JAXA desires to contribute to the well being of all people on Earth through their research and development. They believe this can be achieved by improving quality of life, providing safety and security, developing sustainable methods for living, and expanding the knowledge of all peoples.

JAXA was established in October of 2003. The following Spring the agency successfully performed its first series of flight tests for their Stratosphere Stationary Platform. Since their first successful test flights, JAXA has continued to perform successfully. Just a few of their many accomplishments throughout the years:

  • July, 2005, the agency launched “Suzaku”, an X-ray astronomy satellite.
  • July through August of 2005 Japanese Astronaut Souichi Noguchi joined the NASA Space Shuttle “Discovery” mission.
  • December, 2005, JAXA made history with the first EVER optical inter-satellite communication between Optical Inter-orbit Communications Engineering (OICETS) and the Advanced Relay and Technology Mission “ARTEMIS” of the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • 2006-2007, successfully launched eight different space vehicles
  • March, 2008, Astronaut Takao Doi served aboard NASA Space Shuttle “Endeavor” on mission to attach Experiment Logistics Module-Pressurized Section (ELM-PS) of JAXA’s Experiment Module “Kibo” to the International Space Station (ISS)
  • June, 2008, Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide served aboard NASA Space Shuttle “Discovery” on mission to attach Pressurized Module (PM) and Remote Manipulator System of JAXA’s Experiment Module “Kibo” to the ISS.
  • July, 2009, Astronaut Koichi Wakata attached Exposed Facility of JAXA’s Experiment Module “Kibo” to ISS. First Japanese Astronaut to complete a long-stay mission and returned home aboard NASA Space Shuttle “Endeavour”
  • December, 2009, Astronaut Souichi Noguchi served aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft on mission to ISS, completed long-stay mission, returning to Earth June, 2010
  • June, 2011, Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa served aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft on mission to ISS and returned to Earth November, 2011
  • July, 2012, Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide served aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft on mission to ISS, returning to Earth November, 2012
  • November, 2013, Astronaut Wakata served aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft on mission to ISS. March, 2014, Astronaut Wakata became first Asian commander of ISS. Returned to Earth May, 2014

JAXA has big plans for 2016. It expects to launch the Mercury Magnetosphere Orbiter (MMO) after it successfully completes a round of tests performed by the European Space Agency (ESA). It will launch from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana.

It is also committed to being an active world partner in resolving the many issues humanity must resolve that are related to climate change. JAXA will use the ALOS-2 satellite to monitor and collect data related to deforestation. All data will be available to everyone worldwide through open access on the Internet.

JAXA aims to develop a tracking system for tropical forests. JAXA will be joined in its efforts by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and many private corporations. By constantly monitoring worldwide forest loss, the agency hopes that this initiative will lead to successful conservation solutions. A public access website should be up and running by March, 2017 and will be updated every six weeks with the latest findings.

Goals are to restrain illegal logging and conserve forests that are critical to help reduce the effects of climate change. During 2009-2012 Brazil was cooperating with monitoring efforts. Over 2,000 incidents were revealed and action was taken that helped reduce the destruction of forests by forty percent. It is clear that this effort and mission JAXA is undertaking is a significant contribution to the future security of humanity by helping to minimize the effects of climate change.

With agencies like JAXA looking out for the interests of people all over the world, the gringa is confident that this place we all call home has a future where there is great hope. The international cooperation of so many space agencies is an inspiration that we can become a global community where our differences are not obstacles, but, rather, strengths. Because the gringa thinks the world would be a very boring place if we were all alike.

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POWs, MIAs, “We Will Never Forget” Part II, B-C

In continuation of my blog post of Friday, August, 8, 2015, I will continue to list the names of the servicemen still unaccounted for from the Vietnam and Korean conflicts. The gringa will kindly remind dear readers that clicking on incident date, name, branch of service or side note will take the reader directly to a page regarding that serviceman that is linked with the website So, in honor of those POWs and MIAs considered with the November 9, 2000, immigration policy known as the “Bring Them Home Alive Act”, the following men are not forgotten:

Date               Name                                                 Branch

27-Feb-71     BABCOCK RONALD L.                   ARMY

31-Jan-68     BABCOCK, WILLIAM H. JR.          ARMY   Listed 2009 in PMSEA as Escaped captivity during the Vietnam War

28-Aug-66    BABULA ROBERT L.                       USMC

27-Aug-67    BACIK VLADIMIR HENRY             USMC

22-May-67    BACKUS KENNETH F.                     USAF

27-Mar-68    BADLEY JAMES LINDSAY             USAF

29-Jan-66      BADOLATI FRANK N.                    ARMY

01-Nov-69    BAILEY DANIEL T.                          ARMY

01-May-67   BAILEY JOHN HOWARD                 USMC

29-Apr-75    BAILEY MICHAEL                            CIV

25-Dec-65    BAILON RUBEN                                CIV

29-Apr-75    BAKER JACKY D.                              CIV        Left Saigon 08/76

15-May-66   BALCOM RALPH C.                        USAF


13-Nov-70   BANCROFT WILLIAM W.               USAF

29-Apr-75   BANHAM MAURICE J.                      CIV        Left Saigon 08/76

23-Mar-61   BANKOWSKI ALFONS A.               USAF

12-Jul-69    BANNON PAUL W.                            USAF


17-Mar-68  BARBER THOMAS D.                      USN

31-Jan-67   BARDEN HOWARD L.                    USAF

27-Jul-67   BARE WILLIAM ORLAN                 USAF


31-Aug-68   BARTOCCI JOHN E.                     USN

10-Aug-71  BATES PAUL J. JR.                       ARMY

21-Sep-66    BAUDER JAMES R.                      USN

17-Mar-71   BAUMAN RICHARD L.                 ARMY

08-Nov-67   BAXTER BRUCE R.                       ARMY

20-Mar-66   BEACH ARTHUR J.                       USMC

07-Jul-70     BEALS CHARLES E.                    ARMY


02-Oct-69    BECK TERRY L.                           USN

15-Aug-70   BECKER JAMES C.                      ARMY

24-Mar-71   BECKWITH HARRY M.               ARMY

11-Jun-67    BEECHER QUENTIN R.                ARMY

05-Oct-66    BEENE JAMES A.                         USN


28-Mar-69   BELCHER ROBERT A.                 USAF

23-Jun-66    BELKNAP HARRY JOHN            USN

02-Oct-69    BELL RICHARD W.                      USN

08-APR-70   BELLENDORF DIETER                CIV

9-Jul-67       BENNEFELD STEVEN H.            USMC

13-Dec-67   BENNETT ROBERT E. III             USAF

29-Apr-75   BENNETT SHERMAN H.              CIV        Left Saigon 08/76

22-Dec-72    BENNETT THOMAS W. JR.       USAF

02-Sep-67    BENNETT WILLIAM G.              USAF

17-Mar-68   BENSON LEE D.                          USN

23-May-69   BENTON GREGORY R.              USMC

27-Apr-67    BENTON JAMES AUSTIN          USMC

20-Jan-72     BERDAHL DAVID D.                 ARMY

31-May-68   BERESIK EUGENE PAUL          USAF

07-Aug-71    BERG BRUCE A.                        ARMY

23-Aug-68    BERGEVIN CHARLES L.          USAF

29-Apr-75    BERARD ARAM J.                     CIV        Left Saigon 08/75

05-Dec-68    BERRY JOHN A.                       ARMY


13-May-69   BESSOR BRUCE C.                   ARMY

26-Nov-71    BEUTEL ROBERT D.                USAF

29-Oct-68     BEZOLD STEVEN                     ARMY

22-Apr-61     BIBER GERALD MACK            ARMY

18-Jun-71     BIDWELL BARRY A.                USN

06-May-69   BILLIPP NORMAN K.                USMC

15-Nov-68    BIRCHIM JAMES D.                 ARMY

15-Jul-68      BIRD LEONARD ADRIAN        USMC


29-Apr-70     BISHOP EDWARD J. JR.         ARMY

07-Jul-67      BITTENBENDER DAVID F.      USAF


14-Jul-62      BLEWETT ALAN L.                  CIV

19-Apr-68     BLODGETT DOUGLAS R.       ARMY

13-Nov-64    BLOOM DARL R.                     USMC


12-Nov-69    BODAHL JON KEITH                     USAF

28-Aug-66    BODENSCHATZ JOHN E.              USMC

12-May-72   BOGARD LONNIE P.                       USAF

27-Aug-67    BOGGS PASCHAL GLENN            USMC

02-Mar-69    BOGIAGES CHRISTO C. JR.          USAF

19-Aug-69    BOHLIG JAMES RICHARD            USMC

11-Jun-67     BOHLSCHEID CURTIS R.              USMC

25-Aug-67     BoisClaire RONALD A                  USN        Name is French/USG shows Clair as 1st name

18-Jan-68     BOLES WARREN W.                      USN

02-Apr-72     BOLTE WAYNE L.                          USAF

06-Oct-72     BOLTZE BRUCE E.                        USMC

11-Mar-68    BOND RONALD DALE                    USAF

30-Sep-71     BOND RONALD L.                         USAF     (Photo)

04-Jul-70      BOOKOUT CHARLES F.                ARMY

23-Dec-70     BOOTH GARY P.                            USN

23-Jun-68     BOOTH JAMES E.                          USAF

16-Oct-69     BOOTH LAWRENCE R.                  ARMY

24-Jan-66     BOOZE DELMAR G.                       USMC

29-Apr-75     BORDEN HOWARD A.                    CIV

13-Oct-66     BORDEN MURRAY L.                     USAF

21-Feb-67     BORJA DOMINGO R.                     ARMY

28-Apr-68     BORS JOSEPH C.                           USAF

28-Aug-66    BORTON ROBERT C. JR.              USMC    DoD Remains Returned list 12/96 – Family rejects ID

29-Jul-66      BOSSIO GALILEO F.                     USAF

25-Sep-66     BOSSMAN PETER R.                    USN

02-Dec-66     BOTT RUSSELL P.                       ARMY

20-Dec-68     BOUCHARD MICHAEL L.             USN

03-Aug-65    BOWER JOSEPH E.                      USAF

24-Mar-69    BOWERS RICHARD L.                  ARMY


16-Jun-68     BOWMAN FRANK                        USN

02-Oct-69     BOWMAN MICHAEL L.                USN

14-Dec-71     BOYANOWSKI JOHN G.             ARMY

28-Mar-68    BOYER ALAN LEE                       ARMY

28-Feb-70     BOYLE WILLIAM                        ARMY

09-Feb-73     BOYLES HOWARD                     CIV        Remains Recovered 04/73 – ID Refuted by family

12-Feb-70     BRADSHAW ROBERT S. III        USMC

08-Jul-65      BRAM RICHARD C.                     USMC

08-May-69   BRASHEAR WILLIAM J.              USAF

28-Sep-66     BRASHER JIMMY M.                  ARMY

06-Apr-70    BRASSFIELD ANDREW T.           ARMY

26-Jul-67      BRAZIK RICHARD                      USAF


24-Sep-68     BREINER STEPHEN E.              USMC

25-Feb-68     BRELLENTHIN MICHAEL         USMC    Not on Official DIA List

14-Dec-71     BREMMER DWIGHT A.             ARMY

26-Nov-67    BRENNAN HERBERT O.            USAF

26-Jul-69      BRENNING RICHARD D.           USN

20-Nov-72    BREUER DONALD C.                USMC    (Photo)

04-Jun-68     BRICE ERIC PARKER               USN

29-Apr-75     BRICKMAN JOSEPH                 CIV        Left Saigon 04/76

30-Jun-71     BRIDGES PHILIP W.                 ARMY

14-Dec-66     BRIGHAM ALBERT                  USMC

13-May-69   BROOKS JOHN H.                     ARMY

09-Nov-67    BROWER RALPH W.                 USAF

 30-Jul-70   BROWN DONALD A.                  USAF


12-Feb-68     BROWN HARRY W.                  ARMY

12-Aug-70    BROWN JAMES A.                   ARMY

05-Apr-66     BROWN JAMES WILLIAM       USMC

29-Apr-66     BROWN THOMAS E.                USN

17-Jul-72      BROWN WAYNE G. II               USAF

24-Dec-68     BROWNLEE CHARLES R.       USAF

25-Apr-72     BROWNLEE ROBERT W.         ARMY

29-Apr-66     BRUCH DONALD W. JR.          USAF

18-Feb-69     BRUCHER JOHN M.                 USAF     (Photo)

21-May-66   BUCKLEY LOUIS                       ARMY

16-Dec-69     BUCKLEY VICTOR P.               USN

21-Aug-67    BUDD LEONARD R. JR.           USMC    Released by DRV 03/05/73

17-Sep-72     BUELL KENNETH R.                USN

11-Apr-71     BUERK WILLIAM CARL           USAF

25-Aug-66    BULLARD WILLIAM H.            USN

31-Jan-67     BULLOCK LARRY A.               ARMY

06-Sep-66     BUNDY NORMAN L.                USN

30-Dec-70     BUNKER PARK G.                   USAF     (Photo)

01-Aug-69    BURD DOUGLAS G.                USAF

13-Jun-66     BURKART CHARLES W.        USAF

19-Oct-66     BURKE MICHAEL J.               USMC

05-FEB-69   BURKE WALTER F.                 USAF     Not on Official DIA list


06-Feb-68     BURNETT DONALD F.           USN

02-Feb-68     BURNHAM DONALD D.         ARMY

25-Dec-67     BURNS FREDERICK J.          USMC    On PRG DIC list 01/02/69 – Remains Returned 1994 Id’d 04/95

04-Oct-66     BURNS JOHN D.                    USN        Released by DRV 03/04/73

31-Jul-69      BURNS MICHAEL P.              ARMY

22-Dec-69     BURRIS DONALD D. JR.       ARMY

02-Feb-71     BURROWS LARRY                CIV

24-Jul-68      BUSH JOHN R.                      USAF     (Photo)

09-Jun-66     BUSH ROBERT IRA              USAF

09-Apr-70     BUSHNELL BRIAN L.            USN

14-Jul-69      BUTLER DEWEY R.               ARMY

26-Oct-69     BYNUM NEIL S.                     USAF

09-Jan-69     BYRD HUGH M. JR.              ARMY

13-Mar-68    BYRNE JOSEPH HENRY       USAF

02-Oct-68     BYTHEWAY FRANK L.         CIV

 17-Oct-67    CADWELL ANTHONY B.      ARMY


17-Jun-66     CAIRNS ROBERT A.               USAF

14-Dec-71     CALDWELL FLOYD D.         ARMY

11-Mar-68    CALFEE HAMES HENRY     USAF     Not on Official DIA List – TDY Civ/Lockheed

27-Mar-68    CALHOUN JOHNNY C.        ARMY

23-Sep-68     CALLAHAN DAVID F. JR.   USN


01-Aug-69    CALLIES TOMMY L.                      USAF     (Photo)

11-Mar-68    CALLOWAY PORTER E.                ARMY

29-Jul-66      CAMERON VIRGIL KING               USN

29-Jan-69     CAMPBELL WILLIAM E.               USAF

29-Apr-75     CANTON SUZAN                           CIV        Left Saigon 08/76

14-Jan-67     CANUP FRANKLIN H. JR.            USN

07-Dec-66     CARLSON JOHN WERNER          USAF

13-Feb-67     CARLSON PAUL V.                      USN

17-Apr-67     CARLTON JAMES E.                    USMC

05-APR-70   CARON GILLES                             CIV

06-Mar-67    CARPENTER HOWARD B.            ARMY

06-Jul-71      CARR DONALD G.                       ARMY

02-Nov-69    CARROLL PATRICK H.                USAF

28-Aug-66    CARTER DENNIS R.                     USMC

24-Apr-72     CARTER GEORGE W.                  ARMY

26-Jan-71     CARTER GERALD LYNN             USN

10-Nov-66     CARTER WILLIAM T.                  USN

31-Jan-71     CARTWRIGHT PATRICK G.        USN

10-Apr-68      CARVER HARRY F.                    ARMY

23-Jun-68     CASEY DONALD F.                    USAF

15-Jul-67      CASSELL ROBIN B.                   USN


25-Feb-66     CAUSEY JOHN BERNAND        USAF


04-Nov-69    CAVENDER JAMES R.               ARMY   Remains of other crew recovered

12-Nov-67    CAYCE JOHN D.                        USN

21-Sep-69     CECIL ALAN B.                         ARMY


24-Apr-71     CHAMPION JAMES A.               ARMY

25-Sep-72     CHAN PETER                                USN        Fell Overboard/Oriskany

06-Feb-68     CHAPA ARMANDO JR.            USN

18-Feb-69     CHAPMAN RODNEY M.           USN

21-Mar-67    CHARVET PAUL CLAUDE        USN

30-Jul-70      CHAVEZ GARY A.                    USAF

28-May-71   CHAVIRA STEPHEN                  ARMY

27-Dec-72     CHIPMAN RALPH J.                USMC

11-Jun-67     CHOMEL CHARLES D.            USMC

22-Apr-68     CHOMYK WILLIAM                  USAF

03-Apr-72     CHRISTENSEN ALLEN D.        ARMY


01-Mar-66    CHRISTENSEN WILLIAM M.        USN

02-Jun-65     CHRISTIAN DAVID M.                 USN        Remains Returned 04/10/86 – Id Questioned

18-Mar-75     CHRISTIAN GEORGE A.             CIV        Left Saigon 08/75

11-Jun-67     CHRISTIE DENNIS R.                  USMC


29-Apr-75     CHUNG YEN BINH                       CIV        Left Saigon 08/76

03-May-70   CHURCHILL CARL R.                  USAF

30-Mar-68    CICHON WALTER A.                   ARMY

01-Jan-69     CLACK CECIL J.                        ARMY

26-Jul-67      CLAFLIN RICHARD AMES        USAF

21-Apr-78     CLARK JAMES W.                     CIV        Phnom Phenh Jail until 11/78

15-Dec-65     CLARK JERRY P.                      ARMY

18-Oct-66     CLARK LAWRENCE                  USAF

24-Oct-67     CLARK RICHARD C.                 USN

14-Feb-69     CLARK STANLEY S.                USAF

03-May-68    CLARK STEPHEN W.               USMC

13-Dec-68     CLARKE FRED L.                    USAF

16-Oct-67     CLARKE GEORGE W.              USAF     (Photo)

09-Nov-67    CLAY EUGENE L.                     USAF

03-May-68   CLEM THOMAS D.                    USMC

22-Mar-71    CLEVE REGINALD D.               ARMY

05-FEB-68   CLEVER LOUIS J.                     USAF     Not on Official DIA list

18-Sep-69     CLINE CURTIS R.                    ARMY

11-Jun-67     CLINTON DEAN E.                  ARMY


18-Jan-69     COADY ROBERT F.                USAF

21-Jan-68     COALSTON ECHOL W. JR.    ARMY

01-Feb-66     COATES DONALD L.              USMC

17-Jun-66     COBBS RALPH B.                   USN

31-Jan-68     COCHEO RICHARD N.            CIV        Taken from house in Yinh Long


17-Jun-70     COCHRANE DEVERTON C.       ARMY

24-Nov-63    CODY HOWARD RUDOLPH       USAF     Crew remains recovered, no sign subj

12-May-68   COEN HARRY B.                         ARMY

12-Jan-68     COHRON JAMES D.                  ARMY

06-Mar-69    COLEMAN JIMMY L.                  ARMY

17-Jun-66     COLLETTE CURTIS D.              USN

04-Dec-67     COLLINS ARNOLD                    USMC

13-Mar-68    COLLINS GUY FLETCHER         USAF

22-Nov-69    COLLINS RICHARD F.               USN

19-Aug-68    COLLINS THEOTHIS                 USMC

09-Mar-66    COLLINS WILLARD M.              USAF

31-May-70   COLNE ROGER                          CIV        Not on Official DIA list

06-Mar-68    COLOMBO GARY LEWIS          USMC

10-Jun-65     COMPA JOSEPH J. JR.            ARMY   Last seen on ground

21-Mar-66     COMPTON FRANK R.               USN

03-May-70   CONAWAY LAWRENCE Y.        USAF

08-May-68   CONDREY GEORGE T. III          ARMY


27-Jan-69     CONGER JOHN E.                    ARMY

16-May-70   CONNER EDWIN RAY                USN

28-Oct-68     CONNOR CHARLES R.             USMC

07-May-72   CONSOLVO JOHN W.                USMC    (Photo)

12-Apr-66     CONWAY JAMES B.                  ARMY

06-Apr-66     COOK DENNIS P.                      USN

31-Dec-64     COOK DONALD G.                   USMC    On PRG DIC list 12/01/67

21-Oct-69     COOK GLENN R.                      USAF

10-Nov-67    COOK KELLY F.                       USAF

28-Apr-68     COOK WILLIAM R.                   USAF

22-Apr-68     COOLEY DAVID L.                   USN

16-Jan-68     COOLEY ORVILLE D.              USN

28-Feb-68     COONS HENRY A.                   USN

04-Feb-72     COOPER DANIEL D.                USN

29-Apr-75     COOPER WILLIAM G.              CIV        Left Saigon 08/76

16-Nov-68    COPLEY WILLIAM M.               ARMY

27-Jul-67      CORBITT GILLAND W.            USAF

27-Jan-68     CORDOVA ROBERT J.            USN        (Photo)

01-May-67   COREFIELD STAN L.                USMC

08-Dec-65     CORLE JOHN T.                      USMC

16-Jun-73     CORNELIUS SAMUEL B.        USAF


08-Nov-70    CORONA JOEL                       ARMY

14-May-68   COTA ERNEST K.                    USN

09-Mar-70    COTTEN LARRY W.                USAF

29-Apr-75     COWAN KENNETH                 CIV

08-Mar-67    CRAIN CARROLL O.               USN

05-Jan-71     CRAMER DONALD M.            ARMY

12-May-68   CRAVEN ANDREW J.              ARMY

21-Apr-68     CREAMER JAMES E.             ARMY

13-Mar-71    CREED BARTON S.                USN        (Photo)

10-Nov-67    CREW JAMES A.                    USAF     (Photo)

22-May-68   CREWS JOHN H. III                 USAF


22-Aug-72    CROCKETT WILLIAM J.        USAF

16-May-71   CROOK ELLIOTT                    ARMY

05-Apr-70    CROPPER CURTIS H.             USN

30-Mar-72    CROSBY BRUCE A. JR.         ARMY

01-Jun-65     CROSBY FREDERICK P.      USN

17-Jul-68      CROSS ARIEL L.                  USMC

24-Apr-70     CROSS JAMES E.                 USAF


16-May-68   CROSSON GERALD J.          USAF

27-Mar-72    CROW RAYMOND J. JR.      USAF

19-Nov-67    CROXDALE JACK L. II         ARMY

07-Jul-67      CRUMM WILLIAM J.            USAF

18-May-69   CUDLIKE CHARLES J.          ARMY



10-Jun-65     CURLEE ROBERT L. JR.     ARMY

08-Jan-71     CURRY KEITH R.                  USN

25-Sep-66     CUSHMAN CLIFTON E.       USAF


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