Read With The Gringa “I Can Do It Myself”

The gringa reads a sweet little book written by Emily Perl Kingsley.

Gather the kids and join the gringa for six minutes of bilingual fun learning “I Can!” or, “Yo Puedo!”


Read With The Gringa “Max On His Tricycle”

This litle gem by Guido Van Genechten is one kids of all ages will enjoy, a 5 minute story of the thrill of having a tricycle!

Read With The Gringa “My Friends”

Get the kids ready for 15 minutes of English & Spanish as they learn the names of animals and find out how friends help us learn!

Read With The Gringa “The Tooth Book”

Let the kids read with the gringa for 8 minutes and find out all about their teeth!

Read With The Gringa “The Magician’s Nephew” Chapter 10

Find out in this twenty minute read along what Aslan has to say to the newly created talking beasts  of Narnia!

Read With The Gringa “What’s For Supper?”

A short 8 minute read in English & Spanish perfect for all children! So, grab the kids and read with the gringa!