Re-Blog: Max & The Tag Along Moon

(Originally posted 9/28/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

Max learns something interesting about the Moon from his grandfather. But is it true?

Image Credit: Rhapsody In Books

Re-Blog: Let’s Read “If You Give A Pig A Pancake”

(Originally posted 9/26/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

Wild adventures after inviting a pig to breakfast!

Image Credit: PriceFalls

Re-Blog: Let’s Read “Do Plants Eat Meat?”

(Originally posted 9/25/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

A fun instructional book about plant science.

Plants do strange things!

Re-Blog: Let’s Read “Arthur’s Reading Race”

(Originally posted 9/24/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

Arthur challenges little sister D.W. to a reading game.

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Let’s Read “White Water”

This true story from America’s history is crafted by authors Michael S Bandy & Eric Stein. Children learn the empowerment of looking beyond what is commonly accepted to discover what is really true and truly right.

Let’s read books that empower children! 

Image Credit: Granite Media