Immigration Posts

Where The Heck Is Immigration Reform

The Birth Of America’s Immigration Policies

1798 – Immigrant Until Death

1802: Citizenship For Territory

14th Amendment: Equal By Law But Law Can’t Change The Heart

Open Letter To The Honourable Governor of the State of Texas, Greg Abbot

Naturalization Act of 1870

Paige Act of 1875, White Hookers Yes, Chinese Hookers No

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, The Racist Agenda Behind American Propaganda of Liberty and Equality

U.S. Immigration Act of 1882, DO NOT Send Your Tired, Your Poor,Your Wretched

Scott Act of 1888, A Dangerous Precedence

Naturalization Act 1906: U.S. Citizenship – Only Whites Need Apply

Gentlemen’s Agreement of 1907 – Proof Of U.S. Insanity?

1917: The Year I Would Have Been Banned From The U.S.

Emergency Quota Act of 1921 And The Spirit of Eugenics

Married Women’s Act of 1922

1924 Immigration Act: The New & Improved White America

1940 Nationality Act – Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Wartime Measure of 1941 – Entry Into The U.S. By Businessmen’s Approval

1943 Magnuson Act: Blueprint For Equality

1943 Bracero Appropriations – Immigrant Exploitation, Again, And Again, And Again…

1945 War Brides Act – Love and War

Displaced Persons Act of 1948

1952 Immigration and Nationality Act – The Big Red Flush

Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 – Open The Gates

1968 Armed Forces Naturalization Act – Thank You For Your Service

Operation New Life – Humanitarian Based Immigration Reform In 1975

1982 Amerasian Immigration Act-The Baby Citizens Left Behind