Re-Blog: Watership Down, Chpt 43’s Concl

(Originally posted 10/11/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

Will General Woundwort’s revenge obsession be satisfied?

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Re-Blog: The Horse & His Boy, Chpt 11’s Concl

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Shasta is separated from King Lune’s party and finds an unknown “thing” traveling beside him in the dark, foggy night.

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Re-Blog: 5 Creepiest Of All Things Creepy

(Originally posted 10/10/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

October is the perfect month for all things creepy. If you want to channel your inner historian for a clever costume idea for upcoming festivities, how about these 5 little known creepy historical facts:

1. Hotelier H.H. Holmes who designed his delightful little inn for the express purpose of committing murder and mayhem among guests. He was responsible for murdering as many as 200 people (that we know of) through various dark arts, like chopping them up, toxic gas, and starvation.


2. Victorian era folks liked to take photos of loved ones. Um, after they were dead. With poses and props and all. Just like they were still alive. And memorializing babies and children were favorite subjects of this macabre practice. Weird.


3. In 19th Century Canada, ladies drank a birth control tea, a beverage made from steeped beaver’s testicles. Yum.


4. 14 years BEFORE the Titanic sank a book entitled The Wreck Of The Titan was written and published by Morgan Robertson. Guess what it was about? An unsinkable ship that hit an iceberg and…. sank. And most of the passengers died because… there weren’t enough lifeboats. Freaky.


5. Every lover of art, history, etc. dreams of a pilgrimage to the Smithsonian Institute. But a visitor may get more than they bargain for. They might also experience the ghost of the founder of the Smithsonian, James Smithson, who is buried on the grounds and reported to haunt the museum. So intense are reports of hauntings by Smithson that in 1973 his remains and casket were inspected just to see if he was still in there.


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Re-Blog: The Horse & His Boy, Chpt 11, Pt 1

(Originally posted 10/10/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

Shasta succeeds in warning King Lune.

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Re-Blog: Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 6, Pt 2

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There were certain Harlem characters who were dangerous. It was good to know who.

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Re-Blog: The Horse & His Boy, Chpt 10’s Concl

(Originally posted 10/9/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

Bree gets a lesson in pride and humility.

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Re-Blog: Watership Down, Chpt 43, Pt 1

(Originally posted 10/8/2017 on Read With The Gringa)

General Woundwort is determined to find the escapees.

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