I am the a gringa who lives in a barrio filled with the richness of all sorts of people. My husband, the caveman, is my Peruvian hero. He immigrated here a young man from the deep jungles, not knowing the language, fifty bucks in his pocket and he achieved his dreams. He went to college, mastered the English language (with a crazy accent) and became a citizen. We have a multi-ethnic, multi-religious diverse family which also makes up multi-opinionated. This all requires lots of love and understanding to get along.

I am passionate about literacy and use my gift of gab as well as my love of reading to share with young people the world of books. I firmly believe that if a child can read well, comprehensively and critically understand the obvious and esoteric messages an author is trying to convey, throughout that child’s lifetime there is nothing they cannot learn if they have a desire to do so. Proficient reading is the common denominator of almost all successful people.

The crazy creative side of my brain is entranced with outer space. I am not just a science fiction fan, I have the ultimate dream that within my lifetime travel in outer space may actually be something a regular gringa like myself may one day get to do. I am an astronaut hopeful. Whether NASA launches me on a mission or a group of aliens land and invite me on the adventure of a lifetime, either way, I’m going!


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  1. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy some entertaining music and writing and perhaps make some discoveries. I usually post once a week and welcome your comments. Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom.

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  2. Thanks for the follow – love your page and your multi-ethnicness (that’s a mouthful!) I’m Puerto Rican and Russian Polish Jew myself…currently partnered with an Englishman and we’ve got a bun in the oven…nice site you’ve got here!

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    1. Thank you, samir. I loved that story! Right on point! There is so much unawareness of real history in the United States which is why so many people remain puzzled as to why racism remains an issue at a time when society should have evolved way past this problem and resolved this social conflict generations ago. Hopefully, it will remain an important topic and today’s U.S. population can speak honestly and openly and finally move forward in a meaningful way.


    2. I forgot to mention, I have included your link to your article with a small “blurb” for your blog at the end of tomorrow’s article on my blog. I hope that’s OK with you! If not, just let me know and I will edit my article accordingly. Otherwise, thank you!


  3. First of all, Thank you so much for following me. It’s really humbling to see someone like you taking time to read and appreciate what I do.

    I am so glad you belong to such a diverse family, which shows you are as Latina as any of the girls in my native country. I will be reading your posts as I can see you take your time to think about important issues and that is my cup of tea (as they say here in the UK).

    Un abrazo enorme


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  4. Thanks for following Aroilinpain. After reading several of your posts, I’m afraid you are likely to be disappointed. Actually, I’m kind of puzzled about what you found in my random mumblings to warrant a follow. Thank you!


      1. Thanks, please don’t hesitate to point out historical errors! I am not a researcher! As a working Mental Health Clinician, I just don’t have time. Maybe that’s why I love short form verse.

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  5. Came by to say a big thank you for the follow.. But I guess I’ll just have to say more than that.. Your blog is just wonderful.. With an about page this amazing,I’m just waiting to read your work..
    Great luck & success on the blog.

    Love&Regards all the way from India,

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  6. Thanks for the follow. I’m only PC when I write my blog *grins* I gotta dial myself back ’cause I don’t want to offend someone I’m trying to convince not to be offended. I suppose it’s why Z doesn’t write these. *grins again* She just doesn’t care. *editorial, read a post or two and she’s in them…* Nice blog, though. Thanks again.

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  7. May I join your tribe. I thought my mixed breed of 6 brought together by adoption was an interesting mixture of gay/straight/AfricanAmerican/Caucasian/male/female/diversely cognitively and physically abled. But, we may look surprisingly monochromatic compared to this rich polyculture you call compost…oops, I mean home and family.

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  8. Thanks for following my highly eclectic blog: http://www.seductivepeach.com! You might also want to check out my books: Zendoscopy, the hilarious and risque coming of age story of Sherman, a square peg growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, a time when social change placed huge strains on the generation of leading edge baby boomers.

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  9. Hello there. Thank you so much for taking a look at my post. I generally write about STEM subjects and Solar Impulse fit right in. You have a fabulous blog. I definitely will be a “frequent flyer”. Take care. Bob J.

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  10. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Your family sounds global and grand. Rather than colour-blind (which to me often seems to imply assimilation), it sounds more like you are in full colour, light, and acceptance of life in all its glorious differences.

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  11. Great bio! One of the best I’ve read. And it made me so happy to read that despite your differences, warts, and any other weird conditions, you accept each other. Wish I could say it’s so in my simple Southern Caucasian family. Not so! Looking forward to learning more. Thanks for stopping by Puddletown Reviews and choosing to follow my blog.

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