The Universe Is All In Your Immortal Mind

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One of the oldest questions man has asked that has yet to be definitively answered is what happens to humans after death. The desperation for immortality and hope that there is more than this life that we all struggle through has probably been the root of religious inspiration since the beginning of time. Can science solve this riddle? Can this ancient question finally be “laid to rest”? 

Quantum theory scientists and neurological experts believe they have the answer. And, if their reasoning is true, we can all consider it good news, I suppose, if you are open-minded and not a religious zealot. It’s all pretty complicated, as one might expect quantum physics and neuroscience to be. The gringa will do her best to walk us all through it one simplified step at a time. So, first of all, we need to understand the basic terminology related to the principles involved in this scientific theory:

Biocentrism: This principle posits that consciousness is just as much a part of nature as, say, a tree. It actually goes further to explain that reality as we humans know it is dependent upon consciousness and biology working together, but let’s stick to the simplistic version. Consciousness is an organic part of a living organism, as organic as an arm or fin or feather. Biocentrism is always at work shaping the universe around us even on a microscopic level. Here’s a video presentation from Robert Lanza, the amazing scientist who first published this breakthrough scientific theory (although the origins of this theory can be traced back to the deepest thinkers of every ancient civilization):

Quantum Theory Of Parallel Universes: Just about every science-fiction fan worth their salt understands, on an elementary level, the concept of parallel universes. But is this really possible? Is there science to support this idea that, although you are a librarian in Connecticut in this Universe, there is another Universe where you are on America’s Most Wanted for being a cunning bank robber? Well, scientific evidence is mounting to support multi-verse theory. And, actually, the evidence supporting a multiverse existence is really the lack of evidence. For instance:

  • We don’t know much about space-time relationship. If space-time is an infinite flat-line, universes could, in theory, be limitless, even repeating themselves after one ceases to exist. This idea is based on particle theory principles which posit that particles can be rearranged in different finite configurations, thus creating finite alternative universe possibilities that would eventually have to begin repeating themselves along an infinite timeline.
  • We don’t know if the laws of physics that apply to our Universe apply throughout the cosmos. Some areas of space continue to expand. Our place in the cosmos expanded with the Big Bang then stopped, becoming a well-defined “bubble” in space. That might mean that your bank-robber alter-ego might also be able to fly if the laws of physics are different in that other universe.
  • Quantum mechanics theory claims that, according to the laws of probability, every possible outcome must and does occur, throughout different parallel universes. This was actually proven through a physical, observable test, the double-slit experiment: 

Does this new theory about life after death then claim that the human consciousness flies off to inhabit our other universe alter-ego body with a new consciousness, like a creepy demonic-possession style reincarnation? No. Not at all. Each of our alternate selves living their own unique existences in alternate universes, will, perhaps, eventually lose their mortal, corporeal bodies as well. The consciousness, at least in our universe that is subject to our laws of physics, would leave the physical body and then create its own universe. The gringa knows what you are asking, “What the heck does that mean?”

Biocentrism asserts that it is actually consciousness that creates the universe. Although we are conditioned to believe that we are products of nature, it is actually the reverse that is true. Nature is the product of the power of our consciousness to create its existence. How does this work? Although it is simplistic to say, “mind over matter”, the principle is actually quite true. 

You see, matter as we know it is really just an illusion. We can all thank Einstein for this little conundrum. The basic result of Einstein’s famous theory of relativity is that absolute time and space simply do not exist. This can only logically lead to the conclusion that matter, as we know it, then, doesn’t really exist but is a fabrication, an illusion, created by our consciousness to coincide with what we personally interpret as the reality of the universe we are living in at a given moment in time. Wow. 

Let’s go a step further in hopes of understanding more. UCLA medical researchers have concluded that thought, mind, consciousness, whatever you want to call it, can manipulate neurons deep within the brain.

What is neurological activity? In a most basic sense, it is electricity traveling through a biological electrical circuit. So, one can then conclude that consciousness is, basically, electricity. Electrical systems operate according to frequencies. You know, when you see a label that says 60 hertz or something like that? That is the frequency, or carrier wave, the electrical signal travels on. What would you say, then, if the gringa told you that certain frequencies have been proven to disrupt and manipulate solid, physical matter?


 Yeah. The physical world around us, our universe, may be created by the frequencies of our thoughts, our consciousness. Our world’s limitations created by our own education limitations, creativity limitations, and natural law limitations. But, once our physical body expires and our consciousness is set free, it can exist in another universe with a completely different (or same) set of laws of physics and begin the process of creating a new life. So, although our physical body isn’t immortal, our consciousness is. And that is really the essence of who we are. Thus, we are all, actually, immortal.

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