Read With The Gringa “Rain Forests”

This is a wonderful educational story by Nancy Smiler Levinson. Grab the kids and travel around the world in your imagination, discovering the amazing creatures of the rain forests.

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A barrio gringa with a dream of cosmic proportions: writing to satiate my insatiable curiosity, worldwide literacy beginning with our youth, and to be the first barrio gringa to explore outer space!

4 thoughts on “Read With The Gringa “Rain Forests””

  1. Estimada Gringa, here’s thanking you for a some of the most interesting posts I came across here in your barrio, right from the start of my blogging adventure this year. I was hooked by your USA history series, surprised and ongoing-interested when you moved on to NASA, and your kiddy reads almost make me wish I were a child again! Anyway, here it’s countdown minus 4 hours to midnight right now, so I’d better get myself to the oven haha. Wishing you and all your loved ones a wonderful 2016. See you next year 🙂


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