Planting Seeds of Brilliance

NASA and the United States Department of Agriculture joined students earlier this month to plant seeds from the space-grown red romaine lettuce in the People’s Garden in Washington D.C. Although it is doubtful the nation will reap a harvest that will be adequate to solve world hunger, the symbolism of this act is definitely pointing to a future humanitarian goal where NASA will play a critical role.

These two government agencies cemented their partnership by jointly signing a government memorandum which commits NASA and the USDA to endeavor to inspire American youth to seek careers in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The planting of the romaine lettuce seeds symbolizes planting the seed of such inspiration in the hearts and minds of young people.

As the media hypes the doom and gloom of the world’s future due to the “irreversible” effects of climate change, we cannot allow this to dishearten our young people. Many are so discouraged, well aware of the sick planet they will be inheriting. Society must do all it can to counteract these negative media messages being fed to the youth. I mean, really, I get really mad at the news agencies. It’s always the bad stuff. I need a happy pill after ten minutes with the evening news. No wonder depression is so rampant. Have they ever thought about reporting on the solutions? Good grief, our society needs inspiration to get us out of this desperation! Young students must be emboldened to understand they are the heroes society is looking for to rescue and restore the future of this planet.

As NASA and the USDA take a pro-active position, so must every parent, spiritual leader, teacher, counselor, aunt, uncle, anyone who knows a young person. The creative inspiration that led to the technology that grew space salad fixin’s are just the sort of ideas that can spring forth from young minds today and become a reality tomorrow.

NASA is not just about the nation’s business in outer space. Their programs are very important to solving problems right here on the blue planet. Earthling farmers have been seriously impacted worldwide by drought conditions as a result of climate change. NASA works closely with the USDA in developing technology and new farming methods to solve these problems in order to continue to feed a hungry planet. Satellite images provided by NASA are an important piece of the information puzzle that helps agricultural experts make the right decisions.

The partnering of these two agencies is good news. Together, there is much talent and technology that can be brought to the “save the world” table. The gringa is certain that every idealistic, brilliant young person would want to be a part of something so noble and important.

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A barrio gringa with a dream of cosmic proportions: writing to satiate my insatiable curiosity, worldwide literacy beginning with our youth, and to be the first barrio gringa to explore outer space!

2 thoughts on “Planting Seeds of Brilliance”

  1. Delighted that’s what happened to the space grown romaine lettuce I also blogged about a few months ago 🙂 I so agree that media are leading us downhill, and don’t offer much in terms of hope for the young. Messages to the young are all about aiming for jobs like pure IT and finance, rarely about science and never about ideals. Thank goodness for organizations like NASA

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