Peru, 2008

I love this mural that is in the town square at Tarapoto, Peru.

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A barrio gringa with a dream of cosmic proportions: writing to satiate my insatiable curiosity, worldwide literacy beginning with our youth, and to be the first barrio gringa to explore outer space!

3 thoughts on “Peru, 2008”

    1. When I travel to Peru, I usually go deep in the jungle. In the villages, there are open markets, often along a river which is a primary conduit of transportation. I see so many of these beautiful women dressed in their bright clothing they have made by hand, intricately embroidered, which is very impressive to me. The embroidery is usually done with wool thread that is handmade from alpaca high up in the Andes. They sit and sell their wares like vegetables, fruit, fish, or trinkets or clothes that they make. Whenever I look at this mural it brings back good memories of these trips.

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