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I am a freelance writer scribbling for dollars. Editing the work of others and writing articles for e-magazines and blogs keeps a roof over my head. My personal blog contains content relevant to the people of the barrio. In the time window of drowsiness and REM sleep, I continue work on a fantasy novel that has been in process for about thirty years, so, yes, it seems to be a fantasy.

What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? And how do they impact you?

Globalization and technology, what’s not to love? I work at home and my career wardrobe consists of pajamas. I treat myself to a new pair of pajamas with every assignment submitted and accepted.

What do you want people to…

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A barrio gringa with a dream of cosmic proportions: writing to satiate my insatiable curiosity, worldwide literacy beginning with our youth, and to be the first barrio gringa to explore outer space!

12 thoughts on “Michelle Cardenas Interviewed by Global Printing Company”

      1. I never sleep but that’s because I have 3 boys at home!!! I am preparing to start my PhD and work as a personal/corporate and family coach in all my free time lol. I’ve written periodically and have a few things published over the years but have decided given the state of our country I’m going to make writing and activism my priority. Are there any journals/magazines/online sites u suggest I start submitting my work to? Is that the best place to start? Totally feeling my way through this blind it seems. I’ll take any suggestions.

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      2. I am new to this activism aspect of writing as well. I will share my experience. I had about a month of down time. I decided to do the blog for “fun”. I had many family and friends who had been entertained for years with certain saucy anecdotes and stories I would share. They always encouraged me to write a book compiling them all. I planned to do that with the blog.

        HOWEVER, yes, the critical HOWEVER moment. I wrote the story about the class difference thing which led to a blog post about immigrant laborers. Those got me questioning the whole immigration reform issue. I then wrote a blog article about how baffled I am about immigration reform and the labryinthine maze of immigration laws. That got the attention of an online news agency that asked me to continue writing on immigration reform. I was really only supposed to continue for about one month but it has now taken on a life of its own. I like to be thorough so I have self-committed to continuing blogging on immigration reform until I reach the most current laws.

        Because of my blogs and my tweets and my Facebook interactions, I have now begun to travel down the thorny path of the GMO controversy. That will probably be the next topic after immigration reform.

        With my Facebook page and Twitter feed, I would post things to generate interest hoping new readership would get directed to my blog. With Facebook, I would comment on posts by others that were relevant to my own content or if it was an issue I felt I would like to get involved in. I would also peruse the news stories on Yahoo or the like and sometimes engage in discussions there.

        I will say, be prepared to be hated. Be prepared to insulted and judged. Be prepared for others to “school” you and insult your intelligence.

        Sometimes, because my husband says I’m a troublemaker, if someone gets real nasty with me, I just keep on stirring the pot, laughing at my laptop while this fanatic is blowing his stack. I calmly type soothing words of dissent backed up by lots of documented proof to support me. My husband fully expects me to get assassinated or disappear into a dissident prison. Oh well. That’s just me and my big mouth.

        But, the reality is, I feel a very strong moral obligation to do my part to make the world a better place and to stand up and expose injustice. Writing is my skill, my strength and my tool. That’s why I do what I do.

        I am very excited for you as you embark on such a journey. You won’t regret it. It won’t help you sleep at night, though. Often I lie there, awake, thinking, I bet that so-and-so has responded to my last reply. I’ll bet he’s going to argue such-and-such. Darn it, I should have saved that website link and downloaded that article. That would have really given him “what for”. Then I go drink a beer.

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      3. I’ve written a few things that have been published over the years, but this is the first time I’ve decided to try this with intent😉
        After my Master’s thesis I didn’t think I wanted to write ever again! I’m the daughter of a former Black Panther, so I think civil rights activism was bred into me. I’m bound and determined to do all I can to fight for “equality and Justice for all”. I think writing is my avenue to do so. I relate very much with staying up at night amped up from a battle on the issues!!! I’ve had some very interesting experiences particularly with people who like to spew hate and then claim they, “aren’t racist at all”. I’m actually quite proud of myself for keeping my cool. I am learning and enjoying the fine art of condescension backed up with facts!!!! You are quickly becoming my idol in this blogging world so thank you for your writing, your tips and your encouragement!!!!

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      4. Thank you so much and bless you in your struggle! I am fortunate to live in the most diverse city in Texas. Unfortunately, my family and I can wander about 50 miles in any direction and it can be Klan country (East) or Ignorant White country (any other direction). The Ignorant Country is full of the folks you mention. They are racist and either don’t want to admit it or are ignorant as to the facts of the issue. Sandra Bland was murdered just about an hour’s drive from my home. There is no better time than now to get involved in fighting for change.

        My kids are all minorities. We have been blessed to live in a city where minorities are actually the majority. My oldest son, was a free spirit (like his mom). One who did dumb stuff during a “testing the boundaries” period for about 3 teenage years. He quickly became familiar with all the patrolmen on duty in our neighborhood. It gave me a false sense of reality in how professionally they handled this teenager who looked like a grown black man. They often called me and I would go down to where he would be hanging out. The officers would chat with me and I’d take him home. They were always good to my son. For a time he wanted to become a police officer. It inspired him. They encouraged him. Now he wants to be a civil rights attorney!

        When media attention began to focus on police brutality against the African-American community these past couple of years I was in shock when I actually started looking at the numbers. Even more shocked when I started comparing our policing and criminal justice system with other European models. It is so blatantly racist. The numbers and reports don’t lie. Now that almost everyone is armed with a video camera on the cellphones, the tables have turned on the police and exposed them.

        It would be an honor to help in your struggle in any way. What a legacy! The daughter of a Black Panther! You go! If you’re ever in Houston, TX, I would love to treat you to some good ol’ Texas barbecue here in the barrio!

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      5. Wow! I’ve always been apprehensive about Texas, but I’m so encouraged that at least in some parts officers are doing the RIGHT thing for young men of color! Mentoring and working with the parents rather than shooting!! I’ll keep u posted on my work and thank you for your kindness and support!! If ever in the area I’d love to meet up! My quest is to get dialogue going on my blog regarding race issues and I’ve found getting whites to share their voices has been a struggle (the white half of my family included). I’ll let u know when my next piece is up I’d love your input in the discussion!!! Blessings to you and yours!

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